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Eddystone Taste, ohne Seriennummer, guter Zustand.

The British Eddystone model S689 was made from about 1948. It is a Bug key that looks a bit like a huge beetle! Only about 350 were ever made. A first batch of 250 were produced in 1948, followed by an order for another 250 in 1949, but sales were poor and only 100 odd of the second batch were completed. The serial numbers can be found stamped onto the connecting strip on the underside of the base. In 1952 a quantity of S689's were sold to Chas H. Young of Birmingham and he sold them around that year from his Amateur Radio shop. These keys do not generally have a serial number. A marvelous design of semi-automatic morse key, with a distinctive shape.
Dimensions are 8" overall length by 3.5" wide by 2.5" high (203mm by 89mm by 65mm). Eddy Stone bug keys are reputed to be easier to use than some others. You can slow the dots down quite a bit, and the handle is moulded nicely to the shape of the thumb and finger. (An excellent article on the EDDYSTONE S689 by Colin Waters G3TSS can be found in the Vail Correspondent. No8. July 1994.)

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