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Vibroplex Operation Manual

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Abschrift einer alten Anleitung mit Ergänzung zum Thema Kontakte:


Pressing the handle to the right causes the pendulum to vibrate, in consequence of which the circuit is automatically opened and closed, producing dots, the number of which is accelatered determined by ear. When the required number of dots are made the handle is released and the vibrator comes automatically to rest.

Pressing the handle to the left sends a dash of any required length, hence the signal may be emphasized by lengthening or shortening dashes independently of the speed of the dots, which is a very important feature either in Morse or Continental transmission.

Rest the elbow on the table. Use an arm and not a finger movement. Never grip the handle - that is, when you are pressing the dot side with a the thumb do not permit the fingers to touch the dash side; likewise, when making a dash do not touch the dot side with the thumb.

A free arm movement should be used. Do not try to operate the machine with merely a finger movement. The arm, being quicker and stronger, make a manipulation easier and more accurate. Use the tip of the thumb and the tips of the first two fingers.

In learning to use the Vibroplex make plenty of space between letters and words, and make dashes of ample length. One of the beauties of Morse is the correct timing of spaces and dashes. Do not be in a hurry. Accuracy is the thing. Start with slow speed adjustment. Use the letters F, V, S and L for training. Speed will come with practise.


Every genuine Vibroplex instrument is accurately adjusted before leaving the factory. It is best not tinker with adjustments. It is rarely necessary to change any adjustments about the instrument except to slide the speed weights in or out when it is desired to send faster and slower or to adjust the tension springs so that the touch of the key lever feels best. A medium spring is most desirable.

The lightness or heaviness of dots can be regulated by turning the contact screw opposite the contact spring, that is carried by a collar on the pendulum bar, in or out - just a little at a time - until the dots appear to be solid and clear


In adjusting the position of the contacts for the making of dots best results will be obtained by turning the contact carrying screw into position, so that after the vibrator has made from 20 to 40 dots it will come to rest with the contacts just closing the circuit. This will insure harder, firmer dots and clearer signals even on weak circuits.

The contact spring and collar are removable by first sliding the speed weights off the vibrator bar, then loosening the screw in the collar, which permits a new contact to be placed on the vibrating bar should it become necessary.

In adjusting the dotting speed of a Vibroplex. A good rule to follow is to imitate the sending of a strong, clear hand sender.


All Vibroplex semi-automatic keys and most of the other BUGS have silver contacts. Don't use emery cloth or even sanding paper for the cleaning of the dot and dash contacts. Use a cotton cloth and some silver cleaner and clean the contacts carefully, even one drop of paint cleaner or varnish cleaner (car shine) from the home depot store works very well.
Apply one drop or two to a clean cotton or linen cloth, put it between the contacts and close them carefully by pressing with the left thumb. Move the cloth with the cleaning solution up and down several times, remove dirt, nicotine, films or oxidation, then remove it and and polish / dry with a clean tissue or another cotton cloth. Repeat steps 1 and 2 if desired.

Then the contacts of your Vibroplex will last for your entire life.

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